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Thermal Power Plant O&M course

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  1. Introduction of Thermal Power Generation.
    • Elements of Thermal Power Plant i.e. Boiler, Boiler Water Chemistry (DM Plant), Turbo Generator set, Condensing system etc; (Power Plant Over view)
    • General Lay out of Power Plant
    • Ancillaries & Auxiliaries of each elements given above
    • Functions & utilization of Auxiliaries & Ancillary Equipments
    • Limitations in designing of the above equipments
  2. Boilers
    • Definition of Boiler under IBR
    • Thermodynamic Cycles
    • Type of Boilers
    • Classification of Boilers as per Design of pressure parts
    • Natural circulation, Forced circulation/ once through concepts
    • Boiler system details and their importance. ( Water & steam circuit, air & gas path, and Fuel system)
    • Components of Steam Drum and function of drum internals.
    • General Arrangements of Mountings, Auxiliaries and Ancillaries Equipments of Boilers / (Boiler Layout)
    • Basic Concepts of Designing of Pressure Parts of the Boiler
    • Importance of Attemperator in a Super Heater in Steam Generator
    • Boiler Water Chemistry limits & DM plants
    • Types of Fuel used for Boiler & Classification of Boilers as per fuel firing.
    • Different fossil and Bio – Mass analysis.
    • Methods of working of Efficiency of Boiler
    • Importance of Excess air in different types of boiler and their affects on combustion efficiency.
    • Functions of Primary Secondary and Tertiary air system in Boiler.
  3. Power plant start - up - Boiler
    • Purpose of hydro test, alkali boil out, acid cleaning, Magnetite Protection for the Boiler pressure parts.
    • Precautions for pre-commissioning activities of a new boiler, TG and other major equipments and parameters to be monitored and controlled during normal operations of the above equipments
    • Sequence of a start-up for a new liquid fired/coal fired/ gas fired boilers of different types like pulverized fuel, stoker, Recovery, fluidized bed combustion.
    • Critical parameters to maintain for the safe operation of boiler during normal operations and their consequence effect on failure.
    • List of precautions required for a Chemical Soda Recovery Boiler during normal operations
    • Precautions during stoppage of high pressure boiler
    • Immediate precaution to be taken for safety of the Boiler and TG Sets on the event of abrupt tripping.
    • Preservation of a long term and short term stoppage of the boiler.
  4. Turbo Generating sets and Auxiliaries
    • Critical points of consideration in foundation of the Turbo Generator Set.
    • Principles of pressure and velocity compounding in turbines
    • Turbine rotor features critical speeds of turbine
    • Governing system
    • Turbine gland box features
    • Ejectors and vacuum system
    • Methods of working of Efficiency of Turbo Generator, Plant heat rate
    • Surface condensers
    • Air cooled condensers
    • Circulating water system
    • Deaerators
    • Feed heaters
    • Feed pumps
  5. Power plant start - up - Turbo Generator
    • Precautions for pre-commissioning activities of a new TG and other major equipments and parameters to be monitored and controlled during normal operations of the above equipments
    • Critical parameters to be considered during start-up and stopping procedure of the TG set
    • Different protection equipment in mechanical and electrical system installed on Turbo Generation set
    • Immediate precaution to be taken for safety of the Boiler and TG Sets on the event of abrupt tripping
    • Effect of low vacuum on efficiency of a condensing TG set and low lubricating oil and governing oil pressure
  6. Plant Electricals
    • Difference between a brushless and slip-ring type excitation systems.
    • Percentage regulations of AVR and governing system
    • Protections of TG set under Clause A, B & C
    • Difference between air cooled and hydro cooled generators
    • Protections on turbo generator
    • Importance of CTs & PTs before main circuit breaker of TG set
    • Protection against high winding temperature of generator
    • Different types of test to be carried out to assess the health of generator windings
    • Power and control cables – types
    • HT and LT switch gears
    • Earthing of electrical equipment
  7. Critical Piping.
    • Boiler critical Piping & hangers. Design principle and stress analysis
    • Water and Steam Hammering in Steam piping system.
  8. Water and Fuel Chemistry
    • Effect of Silica, alkalinity, TDS, Conductivity and Oxygen content in Boiler feed water, Drum Water and Steam Condensate Water.
    • System for Preparation of Quality water for High Pressure Water.
    • Purpose of Chemicals used for HP and LP Dosing.
    • Coal and ash analysis
  9. Different Non Destructive procedures used for Health Assessment of Component of the Thermal Power Plants.
  10. Air pre heaters
    • Different types of APH
    • Effect of leakage
    • Efficiency of APH
  11. Pulverizers / Mills
    • Types of mills and its applications
    • Capacity limitation and controlling factors.
  12. Electrostatic Precipitator
    • Operating principles and installation of number of Fields in Electro Static Precipitator.
    • Efficiency of ESP and controlling factors
    • Emission Level
  13. Fans
    • Different type of fans
    • Efficiency of fans
    • Capacity Limitation
    • Vibration analysis
  14. Stoker fired boilers
  15. Recovery boiler
  16. Fluidized bed combustion AFBC /CFBC / PFBC
  17. Fuel and Ash Handling Systems
    • Liquid fuel storage and preparation systems
    • Fuel Gas storage and preparation systems
    • Large coal yard features
    • Coal stocking and retrieval methods
    • Coal crushers and belt conveyors
    • Fuel gas receiving station
    • Fuel gas regulatory station
    • Safety in fuel handling system
    • Furnace bottom ash/ Fly ash handling system
  18. Controls & Instrumentation
    • Pressure / draft measuring instruments
    • Temperature measuring instruments
    • Flow measuring instruments
    • Level measuring instruments
    • Instruments for electrical parameters
    • Microprocessor controls
    • Computerized controls
    • Basic control loops in boiler
    • Basic control loops in turbine
    • Generator Automatic Voltage Regulating system
  19. Programmable logic Control (PLC) and Decentralize Control System (DCS) for Boiler and TG Sets.
  20. Plant Maintenance and Safety Aspects
    • Plant Maintenance
      • Importance of data logging for predictive maintenance
      • Preventive maintenance
      • Break down maintenance
      • Spares management
      • Failure analysis
      • Boiler and thermal plant efficiency computation and monitoring
      • Computerized maintenance management aspects.
      • RLA and R&M concepts
    • Plant Safety Aspects
      • Power Plant Safety & Environmental Aspects / Impacts
      • Machinery In-built system of safety in main equipments of Boiler , TG etc
      • Protections for electrical, mechanical systems
      • Safety Work Permit and Safety Analysis
      • Air pollution
      • Water pollution
      • Noise and Thermal pollution
  21. Final assessment
    • Practical training at site - Report
    • Written examinations
    • Internal & External assessment
    • Campus interview & placement
Last Date for Enrolment is 15th July 2013 & Course Commencement is in August 2013
Course Fees Rs. 60000/ candidate plus applicable Service Tax for Three Months including Practical Training at site
Boarding & Lodging at SQUAM Campus is available AT EXTRA.
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